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The Right Business Name

The Right Business Name

Here are some best ideas to create catchy business names. These ideas will help you start the research and brainstorming process to choose the right name. Use these ideas to trigger fresh thoughts and release your creative juices that will eventually help you decide on a name that communicates what is unique, useful and wonderful about your business. Always remember that the business name you choose will be an integral part of marketing your company's brand, image and position. Before we go any further with creating catchy business names, keep in mind a few basics.

A business name should always be easy to say, easy to spell, easy to write and easy to remember.It should not be offensive to anyone and should sound professional. Upon hearing, it should invite further interest and differentiate you from your competitors. In case you plan to have a website, it is good to check for domain name availability.

Plain and Simple

If you are planning to open a coffee shop or a restaurant in a small town, you can use your family name to simply name it something like Watson's Café or Jenson's Restaurant. Such names are not too exciting, but they are good to serve a local crowd. If your family is well known in the neighborhood, you can create an attention grabbing and catchy business name using your family-name. Such names are most common and always a safe bet if you don't plan to expand your business beyond its present locality. Business likes restaurants, coffee shops, accountants and legal practitioners generally use such names.

Descriptive and Explanatory

If you're looking for business names ideas for common types of business like air conditioning, book store or a toy store you can use names like Nucleus Heating and Air Conditioning, Index Bookstore or Little Fellow Toys. The idea behind this is to describe your business through the business name.

These names can easily be created by using a related adjective or a noun along with the type of business. By using descriptive words in your business names it becomes easy for you to communicate what kind of product or service your business offers.

Creating catchy business names which are descriptive and explanatory may be difficult sometimes. But, if your business is related to trading, servicing or reselling - such names are suitable and would require minimum marketing to explain what your business offers. Few more examples of such names are Crystal Clear Window Services, High Velocity Oil Change and Toys for Joys.

Suggestive and Hinting

Suggestive names require some amount of imagination, perception and thought by the people to determine the nature of the business or product. They are less descriptive by nature.If you are looking for a short name that defines your business and its products or services use a name like Perfectopiers (perfect photocopies), GoodBytes (software, etc)Such names tend to be catchy and appealing in nature. But just by hearing the business name people might not understand what the business provides.

Arbitrary and Random

Arbitrary names are random or common words that do not in any way identify the type of business. Such names do not suggest or describe the product or service your business offers.Company names like Sunshine Orange Juice Co., Yellow Sand Refreshments and Purple Star Marketing Services are examples of such names.

Catchy business names can be created by using a captivating or trendy arbitrary word with couple of business related terms to create a name that is smart and conveys the business products or services as well.

Created and Made-up

While thinking of new business names ideas, you will often want to use created or made up names like Google, Skype and Ebay. Be very careful while choosing such names.In general, created and made-up names will not work for small businesses since nobody knows what it means. You will have to make a meaning out of the name, for which you will need deep pockets and adequate resources.

The biggest advantage with such names is that once it is established in terms of a brand and an image, it can be used to promote many new products easily. A very good example for this is the UniLever brand.Use names like Ulix, Centopix and Uberale only after careful evaluation. It will be a good idea to add a tagline or a punch-line to the catchy business name so as to relate to the products or the services offered.

Mind Mapping

A mind map is a radial and non-linear diagram that is used to represent words, ideas and tasks. Each of the elements is linked at least to one other element and the whole diagram is arranged around a central idea or a keyword.By representing ideas in a graphical and non linear style, mind maps facilitate a brainstorming process.

You can plug in all your business related words into a mind map and discover a cool way to naming a business. And guess what - there are quite a few freeware mind mapping software tools available on the internet.Check out XMind and download the basic version that can help you create catchy business names.

Online Business Names Generator

There are some online tools that will help you generate many business names in quick time. These online tools use combination of words, synonyms and word compounds to suggest business names. The primary input you need to provide are some words, keywords or phrases related to your business.

These names are computer generated and many of them would be vague and unusable. Use human judgment to choose the right one. Check out the List of Free Business Name Generators that will help you generate dozens of business names ideas.


Crowdsourcing is a way to outsource tasks to people at large through an open call. This has become quite popular in recent years. Crowdsourcing creative processes such as business names ideas generation can yield quality results at low prices. It is a wonderful idea to use the collective intelligence of the crowd to discover a great catchy business name. Check out NamingForce and PickyDomains to crowdsource your business name.

The importance of a company's logo can never be underestimated. A catchy business name should always be complimented with a Logo design that is powerful, but not overly complex. The Logo Company can help you create a well-thought-out and professional business logo and also other marketing materials.

Professional Help

If you still find it difficult to choose an appropriate name for your business then may be it's time for some professional help. If you can spend some money, there are many professional services available online that help build brand names for businesses and products. Many of them will also help register your business and domain name.

FreshBreadCreative, IgorInternational and BrighterNaming are few websites you can check out. Use your favorite search engine to find more such services. Use all these wonderful ideas to tickle your thinking process and blend your type of business into a name that is attractive and memorable. Choose a catchy business name that is simple, easy to remember and something that would connect to the needs of your customers.

Remember, people are showered with many business names, promotions and advertisements on a daily basis so choose your name carefully. Also, keep it flexible enough to expand into related products in future and most importantly, make sure that the name is not already in use or copyrighted.

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