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Internet is the fastest growing informative medium today, simply because many prospects prefer spending more time online and published content is always available at their convenience.   

It makes infinite sense to invest in the World Wide Web given that it’s cheap and information can be accessed at any location. If targeted correctly and messages crafted aptly, a web portal can help you deliver the right content to the right segment at the right time hence achieving high response. Our Web solution will  potray to you a focalpoint concept full of warm and eye appealing user interface. We will create a banner that potray the desires of visitors who come to the site and ensure that it communicates the right message to them.

We use expandable (tree-type) menus on the left menu which will reduce congestion on the first page. These menus will ensure that users easily navigate through the site and access relevant information without any hustle.

Within the website we will have specific section which will be designated for banner advertisement. Flashy banners with roll over images will be used. These banners will brighten the site and also create revenue for sustenance of the website.

To collect user views, we will incorporate polls and forums which users will be able to post theirs feeling about the site.

A newsletter system is also incoperated.


  • Content Management System
    The right Content Management System (CMS) can make all the difference. A CMS can reduce site maintenance costs and web publishing-based IT operations costs by a third, and can cut the labor cost for content authoring and design in half.

    The benefits of deploying a web content management system are many, including: money saved on materials and resources allocated to the creation and maintenance of Web site content; a consistent look, feel, and brand image across Web sites; automating manual site management tasks; automated content scheduling and expiration; simplified deployment of new sites and sub-sites; full content audit capabilities; content recall and rollback for version control; reduced training costs.

    As we implement the web solution for solution we intend to incorporate, a content management system that will greatly increase running efficiencies of the website and turn complex chores to those that can be managed by a computer semi-literate individual.

    Security Access Control

    This is an important aspect/feature that will be implemented within the web portal. By implementing this, we will ensure that the portal’s administrative intranet is only accessed by authorized users.
    1. Authentication: is the act of determining the identity of a user and of the host that they are using.  The goal of authentication is to first verify that the user, either a person or system, which is attempting to interact with your system is allowed to do so.  The second goal of authentication is to gather information regarding the way that the user is to access the system. Security logs consisting of how, where and when user uses the system will be recorded.

    Note: system will identify users by user id and an encrypted password.

    2. Authorization: is the act of determining the level of access that an authorized user has to behaviour and data.

    Other factors we will consider to ensure security is up help are

    * Connection type.(securely encrypted data on transit and in the database)
    * Update access. (In terms of user rights and in conditions when the more than one persons access the same piece of information thus causing transaction lockig and offer read writes)

    Search Engine Friendly Features to be implemented
    1.    A straight forward sitemap will be developed so that we can have all web crawlers including Google, yahoo, msn can easily go through it.
    2.    As we develop the website we will ensure we follow the w3c standards (World Wide Web Consortium) so that we can ensure that all standard browsers will interoperate and display the revamped website correctly. This is not the case with the current website.
    3.    Blog solution – online journal and comments from different users of on the internet.
    4.    Friend Alert Solution (Email) – To improve traffic on the website we will have “Tell A Friend” script that will enable current visitors forward their friends specific topics of interest.
    5.    Titled Links – Google and other search engines prefer titles that explain content of the pages.
    6.    Need of a weekly update / report which will ensure that Google crawler always visits the website more often. In our case we will have camp reports… Different visitors views, weather, managers’ comments etc.
    7.    Photo Gallery will also be implemented and also customised so that it can become search engine friendly. Ensure ‘alt’ text has keywords that explain the website
    8.    In addition to contact details, application and enquiry forms will be developed so as to make it easy for online clients to reach us.