One of our customers was receiving bounce back message stating that “Domain size limit exceeded” while trying to send/receive emails from his domain. This usually happens under below circumstances:

On our smartermail mail server, maximum domain size limit is set to 1024 MB. Users can store up to 1 GB emails for their email accounts on our mail server. It users domain exceeds this limit then he/she will start receiving “Domain size limit exceeded” message while send/receive emails.

I would personally advise to do a practice configuring email accounts in one of the email clients such as outlook express, MS Outlook, Thunderbird etc. It will allow downloading emails from our mail server to users local machine. In email client, you will get two options.

1. Leave a copy of message on mail server. (By selecting this option you can download email to your local machine as well as putting their copies on our mail server.)
2. Remove from server after x number of days. (Using this option you can remove your emails from our mail server after x number of days. For example, if you select 5 days then downloaded emails will be removed from our server after 5 days.)